Developing relationships with other businesses is as important as developing relationships with customers. When running a business, you can use the contacts you have made in a variety of different ways that will pave your way towards larger profits and success. We have the connections and the venues to help you get networking. As well, we are your eyes and ears in the community, doing networking when your not available to do it yourself. Winner of the 2016 Networker of the year presented by  Dufferin Women.

Video Production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished video using action, graphics and moving video. Many businesses are now using video in their Marketing campaigns because of their proven success in creating awareness of their product or service to consumers.

Videos range from  television advertisements to internet commercials and viral videos.

We will walk you through the process, from scripting, to shooting, to editing, to uploading to your own social media channels.

Social Media Management

Social Media makes it easier for people to listen, interact, engage and collaborate with each other. But, as the volume of Social Media platforms and conversations increase, it quickly becomes a time and labor intense process to effectively track, converse, monitor and manage. 

From research, listening and engaging we do it all for you, becoming the voice and the ears of your business. We will research, create a calendar and post on your behalf to your selected social media platforms. As well, we will #hash tag your keywords and repost and share your messages.

OUR services

Media Relations

Event Management

Video Production

Writing and Blogging

Planning an Event to promote your brand?
We specialize in Event Management, from start to finish. Utilizing our extensive background in producing high quality events, our team will design, manage, whilst being strategic and creative in their thinking. From booking of the venue to the final touches, we have the resources, knowledge and expertise to make your event the best one yet.


People buy into you before they buy from you. It's time to tell your story. Blogging is a great way to build your reputation and creditablity.  Blogging increases your SEO's, and helps to build your brand. Blogging is a great way to engage, learn about yourself and connect to your customers directly. As professional writers, we can help you with your blogging phobia. Give us the key points, and we can create content that will help you connect to others.

Got a story that you need to convey to the media? Media Relations refers to the relationship that is built by a business with journalists and media outlets.
Our extensive education and work in the journalism field, will ensure success in creating "the hook" your business needs to get media attention. Our goal is to create newsworthy content that gets noticed.